Oobleck from water.

I have always been a VERY insecure person. And yes, I shamelessly admit it. I have been insecure about the way I look, about how I am usually rotting alone in the classroom  (Not anymore, I have the most awesome weirdo squad!) about everything around me!

I even think I am much of a Gilderoy Lockhart in what I write. Borrowed, shiny words of other adventurous experiencers! (I am pretty sure that is(n’t) a word. Aren’t you? And if let to continue, I know I can go on forever about how badly I suck at pretty much everything. I’m my own roast master!

But I have faith in me. I know I will get better over time. I know what I write is becoming more and more ME by the day. From a liquid that takes shape of the container to becoming a firm solid on dynamic surfaces, I have faith.

From getting original to this blog and getting the hang of original design thinking. What you write is what you leave behind. A piece of your intellect, a part of your soul. You are still alive through your work. (No Horcrux needed.) Only you make you YOU. The more the time with yourself you spend, the more authentic a person you become. The person inside is eager to come out. Give her a chance. Break free.


The Type-Addict.





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